Hop-on/Hop-off: A legacy or future of tourism?

Hop-on/Hop-off: A legacy or future of tourism?

When my friend Sandy first came to New York city, he was fascinated by the Hop-on/Hop-off buses. However, he soon learned from his experience in another city, how it can be the worst thing for tourist who has only limited time on hand to see the city. His lasting impression from that vacation was waiting for the bus at different designated stops.
In my own experience, it is an inefficient way of seeing a city. One may end up wasting half a day waiting for the bus to arrive. We prefer Uber cabs to the Hop-on/Hop-offs buses. For us, it is already a legacy. There are some market leaders in Hop-On/Hop-Off services that have tried to adopt technology to give better user experience, but the limitation in those technology has only added to the frustration. Mobile App provided to the tourist are no better than location catalog, that only shows the bus stops without any live ETA. Worst, it does not even show user its own location on the map in reference to stops. That makes it hard to navigate to the nearest stop.
Good news is, there is still hope to revive this industry and make it tourist transportation of the future. 

Here is how:

-Tourists are looking for an easy way to identify the nearest stop with respect to current location. They need to see how far away the next bus/ferry is, and know how long the bus/ferry is going to take to get there. An alert would be nice when the bus/ferry has left the last stop, or when it is nearing the designated stop.
-Tourism companies are looking for a technology that is easy to adopt but configurable to their specific business model.  
-The answer to all this is lightweight and affordable Drivool technology, which will give tourism company and it’s customer the ability to track the bus real time on their smartphone. 

Why is Drivool better?

Apart from unmatched price and quality of service, there are many reasons Drivool will prove to be outstanding.
Accuracy: With its advanced error correction algorithm, location mapping is most accurate.
Business Continuity: Drivool tracks bus using Drivool app installed in the mobile phone. And compared to replacing GPS device, installing App in another mobile phone takes just  2 minutes. 
Engaging third party vehicles: Engaging third party vehicles are as easy as putting a mobile phone in the bus.
Mobility: Being a mobile application, Drivool can be used for tracking Buses, Ferries, bikes as well as a people.
Are you ready to give your tourism business the Drivool advantage?  Contact the team on ground at Drivool.info@innc.co

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